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Updated: May 9

May 1 - 2023

Day 1 of the Sydney rehearsals for Stories from the Violins of Hope

The cast has gathered for the first reading of new Sydney play Stories from the Violins of Hope, the opening night at Bondi Pavilion is May 31....Barry French, Laurence Coy, Kate Bookallil, Sophie Gregg and Lloyd Allison-Young, Ben Adler with director Moira Blumenthal. Set designer Tom Bannerman is previewing his set design which he has tailored to fit the Bondi Pavilion theatre. Costume designer Andrea Tam is also here for the reading.

The Moira Blumenthal Productions play will bring to life the powerful true stories of violins played during the Holocaust, in ghettos, forests and concentration camps. It's based on many conversations LA co-writer Lisa Pearl Rosenbaum had with Israeli luthier Amnon Weinstein, who owned many violins, which were sold to him by people who were captured during the Holocaust. Rosenbaum also did research on the individual violins which his father and his son restored.

Left: Lawrence Coy and right Barry French

Live music will be cleverly interwoven into the production, with Dr Noreen Green on piano Los Angeles Jewish Symphony Orchestra) and Ben Alderton on violin. Ben founded klezmer fusion band CHUTNEY in 2019, and the Nomad String Quartet in 2021 former Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO section member and soloist.

Stories from the Violins of Hope

31 May to 18 June

Bondi Pavillion, Bondi


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